peter anthony pizzi

I am from Boston – and residing in East Boston. I have lived in New York City and San Francisco

In NY I studied Filmmaking at The School of Visual Arts. In San Francisco I continued my education – graduating with a Creative Writing degree.

My first undertakings with filmmaking began with my family’s video camera. Frequently I called together friends and we would create little dramas. 

I largely work with Digital Video, mini-dv. 

I write, produce and direct my work. 

I am also a photographer. 

I began telling stories in slides while in San Francisco. Basically I write a story – shoot it – project it – play some music, and the story is told. 


I am available for showings, collaborations, artistic musings – or any type of fun endeavor – try me….

If you would like to see my work – let’s talk.

I’ll find a way to get it to you.